Town fortification, Jičín

Bohemian Paradise

Only remnants of fortification walls from the mid-16th century have been preserved from the late Gothic period fortification of the town.

The ramparts were built from large regular sandstone blocks. Uninterrupted walls have been preserved on the eastern side behind houses No. 94 to 81, then on the north-west side behind houses No. 33 to 65, on the south behind houses No. 12 to 21. The bastions have been preserved behind house No. 85 and partly behind house No. 103.

The Baroque fortification walls built by Wallenstein of mixed masonry date from around 1632. They have been preserved south of the Valdice Gate. They skirt the chateau garden on the east and south, where they end in a bastion. The other south-west bastion is preserved behind house No. 12 adjoined by a former Wallenstein armoury.

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Valdická brána Jičín, author: jan špelda

Jičín, 506 01
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Altitude above sea level: 275 m

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