Krkonoše Mountains

The picturesque mountain town of Vrchlabí, in ancient times a village of miners, ironworkers and glassmakers, is rightly called the \"Gateway to the Krkonoše Mountains\" and is an ideal starting point for exploring the highest peaks in the Czech Republic.

A number of downhill and cross-country trails, bike trails and hiking trails are prepared for you here. If you're feeling adventurous, then we suggest you try zorbing, quad biking, the artificial climbing wall, carriage rides, a scenic flight over the city or a picturesque horseback ride through the countryside. You can take a leisurely hike or chairlift ascent to Žalý and have a look around from the only stone lookout tower in the Krkonoše Mountains. Also worth a visit are the baroque Augustinian monastery with the exhibition of the museum entitled Stone and Life, a Renaissance castle from 1546, the decanal church of St. Lawrence or the historical Three Houses from the 17th and 18th centuries, with additional exhibitions from the Krkonoše Museum. A popular event among locals and visitors alike is the Crafts Week in July and the Krkonoše Beer Festival in August. 

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Vrchlabský park, author: Marta Mendřická

Zámek 1
Vrchlabí, 543 01
GPS: 50°38'4.760"N,15°36'35.28"E
Altitude above sea level: 540 m

Phone:+420 499 405 311
+420 499 405 744
Zámek Vrchlabí, author: Shutterstock
Vrchlabí, Augustiniánský klášter, author: Michal Mikulec
Vrchlabí, kostel sv. Vavřince, author: jan špelda
Zámek Vrchlabí, author: jan špelda
Vrchlabí, author: Michal Mikulec
Vrchlabí: Klášter a kostel sv. Augustina, author: Krkonoše - svazek měst a obcí
Vrchlabí: kostel Sv.  Vavřince, author: Krkonoše - svazek měst a obcí
Vrchlabí, author: Miloš Šálek
Vrchlabí: Evropské náměstí, author: Krkonoše - svazek měst a obcí
Vrchlabí: Kulturní dům Střelnice, author: Krkonoše - svazek měst a obcí
Vrchlabí: Divadelní klub, author: Krkonoše - svazek měst a obcí
Vrchlabí: budova KRNAP a KRTEK, author: RTIC Krkonoše, Vrchlabí
Vrchlabí: Zimní stadion, author: Krkonoše - svazek měst a obcí
Vrchlabí: fotbalový stadion, author: RTIC Krkonoše, Vrchlabí

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